DCC does Flight Club!

Elliott Alger is organising a DCC social night on the 20th June at Flight Club. For those who aren’t aware of what Flight Club is, it’s interactive darts, playing different games against each other e.g. snakes and ladders, killer.

The cost of the Flight Club admission is £13 which covers the darts for 90 minutes, starting at 7pm. People can buy their own drinks, or rounds, or set up a whip. Each ‘oche’ is suitable for 12 people, and depending on the amount of people that are in, will depend on how many oches we get…  

The members of each oche will have to remain the same for the duration of the games but will be next to each other so everyone can chat. the venue also has a nice bar for afterwards to have even more boring chat about cricket and amongst ourselves.

Would be great to get as many senior members (over 18s only sadly) of the club as possible together for a night up town. Similarly to the way that Elliott organised the cable knit jumpers, you will need to fill out this Google form. Please do so by Friday 26th May when the booking will be made.

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